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Saturday, October 4, 2014

An Even Hotter Version of Lexus RC F Coming Next Year?


01 Lexus
Lexus has big plans for its RC F that will see a new version of the car debuting next year. Exact details about what will be new and better in this revised RC F are scarce, but it won’t be solely about power and speed.
Speaking to Motoring, chief engineer Yukihiro Yaguchi confirmed that the car is already in development. He also talked about how it’s about creating a driving experience, not just going fast, saying, “The objective is to make the car more fun to drive. If you make the car go too fast then the human being won’t be able to catch up with it.”
02 Lexus
Despite not focusing on purely creating a monstrously fast car, Yaguchi said that they do plan to make it more powerful too. He believes they can still get some additional power out of the 5-liter V8 engine, with the only question being just how much power.

“It’s really about increasing the rpm to be able to gain more horsepower, so if we were to increase the rpm then we would have to look at using what components to be able to meet the rpm increase… so at that time we would also have to review the cost, etc. So right now it is set,” said Yaguchi.

03 Lexus