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Sunday, April 12, 2015

13-Mile Ford GT Heritage Sells for an Incredible $475,000



There’s a part of every gearhead that wishes for all supercars to live a life of enjoyment at full throttle, taming each and every twisty backroad the world has to offer. There’s also another daydream – the kept, restrained supercar that has never seen a drop of rain and exists purely as automotive art. 
With only 13 miles on the odometer since it was crafted in 2006, this super rare Ford GT Heritage Edition is clearly of the later group. And as a testament to what nine years of abstinence from getting behind the wheel will do – it sold at yesterday’s Mecum Houston auction for a whopping $475,000.


While the price might be eye watering, there is method in the madness. The limited-run Ford GT supercar came onto the scene in 2005 as a celebration of Ford’s centenary. Pricing started at around $149,000 and just over 4,000 cars were produced over two years. For $13,000 extra in 2006 however, you could spec your GT in the ‘Heritage Edition’ trim. Only 343 buyers optioned up that year, less than 17 percent, but they’d be reaping the benefits if they ever decided to sell.

For the extra 13 grand, Ford adorned each GT with BBS forged aluminum wheels, Gunmetal Grey brake calibers, a McIntosh stereo system, and most notably a paint scheme that recalls the iconic Gulf racing livery from the 1968 Le Mans winning GT40 racecar. It’s a stunning design and paired with the GT’s 5.4-liter supercharged V8 and six-speed gearbox – it’s an instant classic.


Amazingly, its $475,000 gavel price does not earn it the title of ‘most expensive’ Ford GT Heritage Edition. Mecum Auctions shifted a Heritage GT with only 100 miles on the odometer last year for $510,000 and another with 182 miles for a matching $475,000. There’s also a pair of Heritage Ford GTs listed on eBay looking to match those stratospheric figures.