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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Watch an RC Car Race Through Traffic Like a Real Car


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As a kid, you might have had an RC car to play around with… but always wished you were behind the wheel of the real thing. As an adult, many of us would rather be bombing around in RC cars than stuck in the Monday traffic jam. No happy medium you say?
Not unless you do what these guys did. A group of RC car enthusiasts in Turkey took this pint-sized radio controlled buggy and let it loose on public roads. At first traffic is fairly stop-and-go, but then the road begins to clear and the buggy hauls it down the motorway. They strapped a camera to the top of the car. Take a look.

Thank goodness nobody decided to merge blindly. The nitro-powered buggy easily keeps pace with its much larger companions on the road, in fact it might have been the fast thing on four wheels that night. As one keen reddit commenter points out, it’s like Stuart Little meets The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift.
Driving your RC car on a busy public roadway is not advised, in fact it’s probably illegal in many countries. But if you do want to dabble in some high-speed RC fun, some of these new RC racers ought to do the trick.