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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Bentley Designers Bash Lincoln Continental for ‘Copycat’ Design


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Lincoln Continental Bentley

Some people have called the new Lincoln Continental concept stunning. Some people have called it ambitious. But some people — like Bentley’s chief designer — have called it a straight up knockoff.
In a recent Facebook post by Bentley chief designer Luc Donckerwolke, captured by CarDesignNews, he calls the new Lincoln Continental “a joke,” and “very disappointing, especially for an exclusive brand like Lincoln.” I think that “exclusive” part might have been sarcastic.

Bentley Flying Spur image

He continues on to say, “I would have called it Flying Spur concept and kept the four round lights.” Ouch. And another Bentley designer chimed in saying, “I thought this was only done in China? Finally a ‘Bentley for the masses’ though.”

The comments may seem pretty harsh, but looking at the two cars side by side, it’s clear to see there are numerous similarities:

Bentley Flying Spur

Not to mention the rear end looking something like the Audi Prologue concept, which I pointed out yesterday:

Lincoln Continental Comparison 2

Hopefully Lincoln does something about the outright plagiarism when the concept hits production, if it ever does.