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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Former NFL Receiver Ernest Wilford Has Great Taste in Mustangs


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The ‘Eleanor’ Mustang look isn’t a hard one to pull off, but making it look unique is another story. Ever since the 2000 remake of Gone in 60 Seconds graced silver screens, countless ‘Eleanor’ recreations have been built; many graphite colored, all eye-catching, but yet all very similar.
This ’67 Mustang Fastback features one such ‘Eleanor’ body kit, but it’s a little bit more special than the rest. Not only is it dressed in white, but it was commissioned by ex-Jacksonville Jaguars receiver Ernest Wilford in 2012. Fast forward three years and it’s listed up for sale in Miami, Floridia.


According to a period article in Rides Magazine, the seven season NFL veteran approached Miami’s Bowtie South with plans to build the car, but in yellow. Owner Freddy Pena advised against it and the white with black racing stripes design was chosen instead. Once the build was green-lit, Bowtie South gave the ’67 Mustang a full rotisserie restoration and a heart transplant.

Under the hood lies a 351ci Windsor V8, now bored and stroked out to 427 cubic inches, and allegedly outputting around 500 horsepower. That show of force backs up to a five-speed Tremec 600 gearbox and turns the stunning Forgiato 20-inch wheels through a Currie nine-inch rear end. Stopping power comes courtesy of grippy Pirelli low profile tires and Wilwood brakes.


Wilford’s Mustang sits an inch lower in front on coilovers and two inches lower in the rear on a new four-link suspension, giving the car an aggressive ‘pro-touring’ stance. Inside, the car features custom black leather upholstery as well as a sound system with dual 10-inch subwoofers. Despite the Eleanor body kit, it’s one restomod Mustang that will certainly stand out of the crowd.