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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Company Wants to Build McLaren P1 GTR For the Road


Imagine yourself the proud new owner of one of the only 40 or so special edition McLaren P1 GTRs: the track only nightmare on wheels. You already have a regular P1 in the garage, but you have a desire to take out your P1 GTR and show it off on public roads. But due to the rules and regulations of road use, this dream can never become a reality. Or maybe it could.

According to Autocar, the British firm Lanzante, which primarily works on old McLaren F1 models — including some of the F1 race cars — plans on undertaking a conversion of the McLaren P1 GTR so that it would become fully road legal. Details on the plan are still sketchy at best, but the idea of bringing a race car to the road is definitely interesting.


The normal road going McLaren P1 already is a warp-speed capable rocket ship, but the McLaren P1 GTR is on a whole other level. The P1 GTR uses a retuned version of the P1 drivetrain. In this guise it makes 986 horsepower. That almost 1,000 horsepower combined with a seriously low curb weight of 3,100 pounds make for a seriously wild ride. Now just imagine that on the street.

While McLaren and MSO aren’t directly involved with this plan, Lanzante has enough of a history with McLaren that this project doesn’t seem too overwhelming. We’ve emailed Lanzante with a request for comment on this rumored project. Stay tuned for more information as we get it.