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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Legendary Porsche 911 GT2 Reported to Return in 2018



Around the world, Porsche devotees will be hoping – desperately, desperately hoping – that this isn’t some kind of carryover from April Fools’ Day. Time will tell, but according to recent reports, the iconic Porsche 911 GT2 will rise once again. 
If you’re not familiar with those hallowed characters, the ‘GT2′ first graced the Porsche 911 body in the 1990s as a limited-run homologation car to allow Porsche to field a GT2 in international sports car racing. The original mid-’90s 993 GT2 fitted a tuned-up 911 Turbo engine, and was stripped of its all-wheel-drive system, creating a no-nonsense road racer befitting its ‘Widowmaker’ nickname.

The GT2 has since reemerged twice on 996 and 997 generations but disappeared from production in 2012. If we’re lucky, Porsche will bring it back.


The new report comes from the UK’s Autocar, which sat down with Andreas Preuninger, Manager of Porsche High Performance Cars. He discussed the process of transforming the 911 engine lineup, which will integrate turbocharging across the entire range (aside from the naturally aspirated GT3) during the second phase of the current 991 generation.

But he went on to confirm that the close of the 991 generation would result in another 911 GT2 and GT2 RS, expected to arrive in 2018. Given the performance of the current 911 Turbo and the recently departed 997 GT2, the future of the GT2 was rumored to be in doubt. If these reports are correct, it appears the Widowmaker is still very much alive.