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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Ford Accidentally Leaked Focus RS Pricing


Ford FocusRS3

For hatchback lovers all over the US, these last few years have been a dream come true. Not only do we have the brilliant Ford products like the Fiesta ST and Focus ST, but we also have things like the Golf GTI, the Golf R, the Mercedes GLA45 AMG, and until recently, the WRX STI hatchback. However, Ford wants to be king of them all and is finally going to bring the bonkers Focus RS to the States.

The new Focus RS has a 345-horsepower turbocharged powerplant that sends all that power to all four wheels. It also includes a drift button that allows the engine to send all its torque to the rear wheels allowing you to hoon like Ken Block for hours, or at least until you destroy your tires. That said, one area that we haven’t been privy to is the price for this new hoonmobile. Until now.


According to Ford’s website earlier today, the new Focus RS will have a base price of just $35,730 not including destination, which will set you back another $875. That means the base Focus RS undercuts the almost everything in its class by around $2,000 and has more horsepower to boot. This could be the performance deal of the century, although we’ll have to wait to see how the new Focus RS performs against its competitors.

Ford has since pulled the link down from the company’s website. Nevertheless, the guys over at Horsepower Kings took a quick screenshot of the configurator when the link was live. We’ll have to wait for confirmation from Ford to get further details and the confirmed price of the car, so stay tuned.

Ford RS