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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Where Do Supercars Go To Die?


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Supercar Graveyard 3

Supercars start out perfect and bright and shiny. They are expensive automotive masterpieces that often live out their lives in air-conditioned garages, carefully tended by their owners or their owners’ staff. Eventually, every car outlives its useful life, but supercars don’t have quite the same fate as the average sedan.

Eurospares salvage is in the business of taking old, unwanted supercars and giving them new lives. Sometimes this means stripping them down for individual parts and sometimes it means salvaging and reconditioning entire engines. It’s a very expensive car graveyard that may give new life to cars that are still on the road. There are six whole buildings on their grounds full of carefully labelled bits and pieces from all kinds of supercars.

Supercar Graveyard

According to Autocar, parts from all these used cars cost about half the price of their new equivalents. Wheels, windscreens and front end bits that are easily damaged in accidents are the most popular parts. Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and Maseratis all sit side by side, contributing their parts to keep some other car whole.

Cars end up at Eurospares for different reasons. They’ve been involved in accidents, floods, and sometimes aren’t damaged at all but purchased from dealers going out of business. Eurpspares salvages whatever they can, carefully storing it all until someone calls for that hard to find part that is the key to making their car once again perfect.

Supercar Graveyard 2