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Friday, July 31, 2015

Is Your New Corvette Z06 Not Fast Enough? Call Lingenfelter


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Lingenfelter performance Corvette photo

Are you the proud owner of a C7 Corvette Z06, but find it lacking in oomph? Well, Lingenfelter Performance Engineering has the answer to your problem—your admittedly first world problem, as social media would call it.
Lingenfelter’s C7 Z06 engine package increases the amount of boost the LT-4′s 1.7-liter supercharger makes, raising horsepower from 650 stock to 720, with an increase of peak torque to 730 lbs. ft. (Stock torque is 650 lb-ft, if you’re curious.)

Lingenfelter Corvette Engine

The pricing for the package is $3,995, according to Lingenfelter’s operations manager Mike Copeland. Expect the work to take less than a week by the wizards who work for him Mike told us. The work does void the original GM warranty, so Lingenfelter includes a 12-month/12,000 mile guarantee.
Lingenfelter Performance is pumping things up with a Lingenfelter LT1/LT4 dry sump damper, Lingenfelter 9.2-inch 15 percent overdrive supercharger drive pulley, supercharger drive belt, 100mm idler pulley kit, high flow air filter, 170-degree performance thermostat, and GM crankshaft bolt. The company’s also going to give you a USB drive documenting performance gains through chassis dyno testing before/after installation with dyno graphs and video.

Pratt and Miller C6RS

Mike is coy on how all of this will affect 0-60 times. “We have not run 0 to 60 times,” he said in an email. “With the variables of traction, temperature, and driver skills, we typically do not publish 0 to 60 times.” But you just know they know the numbers. After all, Ken Lingenfelter is the owner of Corvettes like the classic 2006 Pratt and Miller C6 RS pictured above. Ken and his cohorts know their speed.

A stock Z06 already hits the mark in 2.95 seconds. Could adding 10 percent more horsepower and 11 percent more torque put the 0-60 number at around 2.65 seconds? We’ll be waiting for the eventual performance results.