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Friday, July 10, 2015

The Golf TCR is VW’s Newest Track Weapon



I seriously think that Volkswagen is out to make my brain explode. When I got into the new Golf R, I knew I had to own one. Then, after I had already bought my Golf R, the company–to everyone’s surprise–released the hotter Golf R400 for production. As such, I figured I’d have to trade my Golf R in. Now, after all that, Volkswagen has debuted another high-performance Golf to drive me wild with envy. What you see before you is the Golf TCR. I might need a moment to pick my jaw up off the floor.

The Golf TCR is VW’s latest concept, and was built to not only showcase the Golf R’s ability to be transformed into a purpose built racecar, but also for the company to gauge the potential for customer racing programs for the newly created TCR category in world sportscar racing. Moreover, based on the specs VW has given, this Golf TCR definitely has a lot of potential.


The Golf TCR is based on the current Golf R. However, not much of the original production car is actually left untouched. The engineers at VW first stripped the Golf R’s interior, and then installed an FIA-spec roll cage, along with a single racing seat and a racing steering wheel. Power got an increase from the stock 2-liter four-cylinder engine from 292 horsepower, now up to 325 horsepower. Torque also received a 22-lb-ft increase to a total 302 lb-ft.

Along with all the performance modifications under the hood, the Golf TCR was also widened by close to 16-inches to compensate for the 18-inch rims and wide slick racing tires. Additionally, massively vented aero has been added to help the Golf TCR stick to the pavement like an old piece of hot gum.


The car is still under development, but to help move it along,  VW is going to race it in the last four races of the Touring Car Racer International Series season. That said, all I want to know is where do I sign up to drive this thing?