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Monday, July 27, 2015

Here’s One Mustang Cobra That Isn’t Afraid of 200 MPH



The year is 1997 and a brand new Mustang SVT Cobra convertible has just rolled off the Ford production lines. Like many of its Cobra cousins, this Ford is destined to be raced, tested, and tuned onto another level of performance. However, this ‘Stang may have skipped a few strata. 
That’s because this ’97 Mustang Cobra packs over 650 supercharged horsepowers, flies well past the 200-mile-per-hour mark, and adds over half a foot to its width in sleek widebody modifications.

Nicknamed “Fang,” it’s said to be one of three halo Mustangs built by racer and aftermarket aficionado JR Granatelli during the late ‘90s and early 2000s. Fast forward 15 years and this 200-mph convertible has emerged from its garage slumber and onto eBay. It makes you wonder: what does 200 mph with the top down feel like? Likely, unforgettable.


According to the owner, Fang was built in the likeness of one of Granatelli’s other halo Mustangs–the 1,000-horsepower “Pro Millennium.” But instead of kick out that incredible four-digit power figure, Fang was intended to be a more street-able little brother. As such, it packs a heavily built Ford Racing engine, which was bored to 427 cubic inches, fitted with a Vortech V-1 supercharger, and now pumps out over 650 horsepower at 12 psi of boost.

That power shuttles to the rear end through a six-speed manual gearbox, knicked from a Dodge Viper, and is applied to the ground through sleek 18-inch HRE wheels. Stopping power comes courtesy of brakes from the legendary Mustang Cobra R, and turn-in performance is aided with a mix of Granatelli Motorsports suspension components. Add in the dozens of additional chassis and driveline components, the aggressive widebody kit, roll cage, Saleen SR-71 wing, and you’ve got one serious Mustang that shouldn’t be trifled with.


The owner admits the super Mustang has only 754 miles on its odometer, which gives credence to a life spent as a show and display car. They also affirm that due to its substantial upgrades it can’t pass California’s strict emissions legislation. Luckily, dry lake beds don’t require emissions checks, which is exactly where this 200 mph adder can strut its stuff.