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Monday, July 13, 2015

Rare Lamborghini Concept to Be Auctioned in New York


Lamborghini Concept S

Remember the Lamborghini Gallardo? Of course you do. While the Gallardo went on to be one of Lambo’s best-selling vehicles (as did its convertible cousin), it spawned one very unique, very likable variant: the Concept S.

Despite the bland nomenclature, the Concept S was anything but. It had the relative shape of a Gallardo, but with the roof chopped off. The car was also split down the middle with a divider, and even featured dual windscreens. It was said to be created as a symbol of the modern roadster, and was so loved it was featured a Pebble Beach not once, but twice.

Lamborghini Concept S 2

Now that the limelight has worn thin, its first and only owner decided to hand it off to RM Sotheby’s New York on November 18th. Being the only example ever made, this pristine white Concept S sports only 111 miles on the odometer, and a practically new 5.0-liter V10 under the hood.
Of course, since it is so rare, the price for this exclusive bull isn’t going to be cheap. Estimates suggest it’s likely to go cost upwards $2.3 to $3.1 million. So get your checkbooks ready.