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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

This ‘80s El Camino is a Modern Day V8 Showstopper



When most people think of the El Camino, they envision GM’s proud Chevelle-based pickup of the ‘60s. Big V8 under the hood, lots of ‘60s muscle car era horsepower to deliver to the ground. It’s an absolute icon. 
Admittedly, the ‘80s Malibu-based El Camino doesn’t receive as much dreamy-eyed fanfare…but that’s not to say it doesn’t deserve it. This nicely customized ’85 El Camino certainly does, and it could very well outrun most of today’s muscle cars. “Malaise era” you say? Not in the least. This timeless Chevy recently appeared on eBay.


According to the owner, this El Camino was given its custom makeover in 2005. On the outside, the two-door ute may have lost its door handles, but it added a sleek hard tonneau cover, nicely placed rear hood scoop, and aggressive front splitter. The Chevrolet sits low on Bilstein heavy duty shocks and one-inch drop spindles, and wraps its 18-inch Budnik wheels in BFGoodrich G-Force rubber.
Inside, the rather dated ‘80s El Camino dash has been replaced with the unit from a ‘70s Firebird and comes fully modernized with handsome Nordskog digital gauges. An eye-catching Budnik steering wheel follows suit and complements a pioneer CD, DVD, and satellite radio in the dash–something you certainly couldn’t option up in 1985. JL Audio subwoofers and MB Quart tweeters ensure that there’s more than just engine to listen to. Though you’ll certainly want to hear that engine roar.


Under the hood lies a Chevrolet ZZ4 350 cubic inch crate engine, which came from the factory pumping out around 355 horsepower. Thanks to a Crane cam, Brodix aluminum heads, Holley 4776 carburetor, and B&M supercharger–it now likely pumps out a lot, lot more. Power goes to the ground through a tried and true TH350 automatic, which allegedly will set you through the eighth mile drag in 8.9 seconds.

Bring it back, Chevrolet. Bring back the El Camino…