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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

See Train Barrel into Limousine Stuck on the Tracks


limo rests on track

Sometimes a video pops up on YouTube that is just a monument to stupidity and irresponsibility—and you can’t help watching it over and over again. Such is the case with a video of a cargo train striking a Chrysler 300 stretch limo.
Studio Noe Productions caught the glass-smashing, body-crunching action in all its glory. Make sure the sound is turned up to hear the conversation if nothing else in the aftermath of the crash. (But once the train starts braking, you might want to hit mute.)

moment of impact

Maybe it’s callous to say, but that’s where the stupidity comes in. As you can see in the video, right before the impact, someone is waving a red flag—apparently to catch the train engineer’s attention.
An unknown person can be heard saying, “Didn’t you see me?” Someone, apparently the engineer, replies, “I know. I’ve got 10,000 tons.” To which the first person responds, “I know. I’m sorry.”

train crash aftermath

The irresponsibility comes in from the fact the limo driver even got the car stuck in the first place. Attempting to go over the elevated crossing with a stretch limousine with low-ground clearance was just a physics failure. He was left hanging like a seesaw.

At least the driver of the limousine was responsible enough to get the teenage birthday party of the car before the train came down the track. No one was injured in the crash, which is why we feel comfortable pointing out the irresponsibility and stupidity. Wonder if they got their security deposit back?