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Saturday, April 16, 2016

This Might be the ‘Cheapest’ Lexus LFA On the Market


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It’s not often that you find a Lexus LFA owner looking to part with hig vehicle. As of writing this, there are eight listings on AutoTrader, four on and one on eBay.

Oh, and most of those listings overlap, including this one on Craigslist, so really there are only eight or nine up for sale. Bottom line, this this was a rare car to begin with, so it’s nearly impossible to get your hands on one, even if you’ve got the money.
This particular example resides up in San Francisco and has traveled 2,797 miles during its lifetime. Depending on how you look at it, that’s either a lot or very little.

 I’d go with the latter, after all, this is a Lexus, and they’re known for being reliable. On top of that, this car is still under factory warranty, which will be good through the end of this year for basic stuff, and through the end of 2018 for the powertrain.

 Good luck finding another reliable, naturally aspirated, ultra-low production supercar, that has that kind of piece of mind rolled into the sale price.

The Starlight Black paint and 20-inch forged aluminum wheels make for a menacing combination on this example, one I’ve been lucky enough to see in person. On the inside you’ll find black leather seats with red leather accents, and a carbon fiber steering wheel with red leather grips on the side. The scheme fit the vibe of the vehicle well.
Speaking of which, if this thing does strike your fancy, get ready take a hit in the ‘ol wallet to the tune of $369,000. Yes, that’s just $6,000 less than what one cost new, and frankly, you should be happy that it’s depriciated at all. Super low mileage models go for more than what they cost new, and given the reputation of the car, and fact that only 500 were produced, don’t expect that to change anytime soon.

For the foreseeable future, finding an LFA that’s actually been driven enough to bring the price down at all is your best bet for getting a “deal” on one.