A tweet from Autoline has stirred up reports saying that the Volkswagen Beetle may end production in 2018 in an effort to make room for more crossovers to be built. To us, that probably doesn't sound like a great trade-off, but VW might think otherwise.

Though the Beetle model range has been active in some aspect for 78 years, the New Beetle has been around for almost 20 years through two different generations. The current generation originally entered production in 2012.
It hasn't been the most-loved VW model and it's not the most exciting either, but if VW was to completely shut down Beetle production without hopes of return, the automotive world would surely collectively shed a tear.
We've put together a slider so as to not forget how far the Beetle has come.
Before WWII became really swung into action, VW was able to crank out just 700 1938 Beetles. However, during the war the new factory built to manufacture Beetles was severely damaged.