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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

You Can Buy the Sno-Cat Dodge Ram from ‘Diesel Brothers’


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The world just doesn’t have enough giant diesel pickup trucks, at least that’s the mantra of Heavy D (Dave Sparks) and Diesel Dave (Dave Kiley), the stars of Discovery Channel’s breakout hit Diesel Brothers. 
On and off-camera, the diesel duo build some of the wildest diesel-powered trucks imaginable at their Spark’s Motors shop in Salt Lake City, Utah, from a super stretched “Mega Ram Runner” to a pumped-up El Camino, and famously they’ve even given a few of their builds away for free.

Sorry fans, this colossal Sno-Cat Dodge Ram isn’t one of those free giveaways, however it did feature on an episode of Diesel Brothers and now the massive rig is up for sale.


So how was such a beast created? As its name suggests, Heavy D and Diesel Dave spliced together components from two very different machines—the chassis and tracks from a derelict Tucker Sno-Cat, and the drivetrain and body from a 2005 Dodge Ram 2500, complete with a 5.9-liter Cummins diesel… of course.

Additionally, in went a heavy duty 47RE transmission, hydraulic-assist steering, a custom air suspension, MBRP exhaust, and a Sinister oil filter and coolant system.

 The result is a snow-crawling monster that can go 25 mph through the powder, all while packing a load of skis and snowboards on top, five passengers in the cab, and two riders in the bed-mounted bucket seats. Talk about a day on the slopes.


The Sparks Motors crew took on the project on behalf of friend and stuntman Tanner Godfrey (of the famous Godfrey Clan), who supplied the aging Sno-Cat for the build.

 However now it appears it’s time to part ways with the Ram-ified Sno-Cat.

The price for all that powder-conquering diesel power? Just shy of $50,000. Private ski slope not included.