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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Is Cadillac Considering a Cruze-Based Hatchback for the U.S.?


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Chevrolet has finally given in. The Cruze is getting a hatchback version for the U.S., much to the chagrin of a few wagon-happy automotive journalists and enthusiasts. But questions still linger around this new(ish) vehicle—including the possibility of a Cadillac variant.
The original report comes from GMInsideNews, and suggests that Cadillac might be working on a vehicle based on the U.S.-spec Cruze hatchback. A few unnamed sources and some alleged documents are to cite, but Cadillac isn’t being shy about the proposed rumors.

A spokesperson promptly reached out to Jalopnik to shoot down these rumors before they truly took flight. But who should we believe?


With cars like the CLA and A3 taking the American market by storm, relatively, it wouldn’t make much sense for Cadillac not to build an affordable luxury sedan based on the Cruze, even if it’s not a hatchback.

Somewhere in the market of $30,000 with the Cruze’s 1.5 or 2.0-liter engine—like the report says—would be the perfect place to start. Though, I seriously doubt the styling will be as dramatic as the concept pictured here.

Right now the rumors will stay dead, but don’t be surprised if you see an affordable Cadillac sedan in the near future, I’d bet on it.