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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Space Racing Doesn’t Seem That Far Away With This Concept


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There are plenty of reasons you should be excited about the future; hoverboards and self-tying shoes, for example. Aside from these trivial commodities, ease of space travel should make for an exciting new racing series that will, quite literally, traverse planets and galaxies. At least, that’s the thinking.
Looking far, far into the future for inspiration, designer Rico Kersten gave us his idea for a futuristic racing series, displayed by the stunning concept you see here.

 He dubs his creation ‘IKARUS’, like the storied Greek figure. Though, unlike Icarus of mythology, this creation was specifically designed for flying way up in the sky, and higher even.


A cockpit sits at the center of this futuristic design. Two thrusters propel this beast of a machine, while rear antennae-like body panels control its movements. Surprisingly enough, even with all the futuristic styling, Kersten took some design cues from an unlikely place: American muscle.


“The goal was to create a sci-fi race vehicle inspired by american muscle cars like the Dodge Charger and others,” says Kersten. “You can see many similar cues, especially on the front and on the bodyline.”

All said and done, the project only took about a month to complete, Kersten admits, in his “spare time.” The Ikarus concept is just the beginning. He says he has hopes of making a career out of designing amazing-looking creations like this for video games.