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Monday, April 11, 2016

Jaguar Concept Car Pushes the Limits of Technology and Design


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Gran Turismo 6

Ask anyone at Jaguar and they’d tell you: the future is now. Cliche, I know. But the British luxury marque is more focused now than its ever been, and execs and engineers continue to push the limits of what’s possible within the brand.
One major breakthrough for Jaguar was the introduction of the C-X75 concept. The technology behind it was very much a first for the British marque. A hybrid electric supercar featuring twin turbines and nearly 800 horsepower. Alas, that car never saw the light of day—other than a mainstay feature in the latest James Bond flick.

But it was just a beginning; the concept you see here could be the next step forward.


It’s called the C-X95, and it’s not for the road—at least, as far as we can tell. The virtual rendering done by San Francisco-based artist Jack Liu paints a very different, but somewhat similar picture to the C-X75 concept we saw back in 2010.

It uses a number of iconic Jaguar design cues, like the F-Type-inspired grille and sculpted hood. But that’s about where the similarities end with the current crop of Jaguar sports cars, and the futuristic vision begins.

The concept was designed to be as aerodynamic as it was advanced. Electricity surges through the body, as seen by the very exposed electric generator in the rear. The designer doesn’t state exactly how much power there is, or exactly how his unique vision for propulsion works—but it’s a far cry from the standard gas engine setup.

Gran Turismo 6

Among others, Liu notes former Jaguar vehicles like the 1956 D-Type and the 2016 XF as some of his inspirations. We can only assume an endurance racer was the basis for most of the angles, though.

It’s a concept that very much pushes the limits for Jaguar—and one we’d like to see jump on the digital page into reality.