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Friday, April 22, 2016

Ford GT Has 7,000 Interested Applicants; Only 500 Will Get One


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When you have a car you think is going to be desirable, the key is to hype it up as much as possible—cough, Model 3, cough. With the Ford GT, though, the history, the performance, and the looks are already there, no hype needed. That’s why it was no surprise that 7,000 people applied to own one.
Ford shared the good news on the Twitter machine a few days after closing the order books on May 12th. Of the 7,000 people that have applied, only 500 of them will see a new Ford GT in their driveway. Sorry to the other 93 percent of you that won’t be getting one.


It’s like applying for a job; Ford is only selecting the applicants it believes are worthy of owning this piece of supercar royalty. Owning a previous GT, or any other performance Ford product, gets you in good with execs from the start.
Only 250 will be distributed each year, all of which with the already shown 3.5-liter twin-turbo EcoBoost V6 and 600+ horsepower. Price is still officially under wraps, but rumors suggest it will be somewhere in the $450,000 price range. Not exactly cheap, but then again, it is a Ford GT…