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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Novitec Ferrari F12berlinetta Gets Meaner Looks, More Power


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On its own, the Ferrari F12berlinetta is already a jaw-dropping machine. Its sultry shape captivates the eye, its $320,000 sticker price shocks the wallet, and with 730 horsepower on tap… it’s enough to rocket you into the stratosphere. 
They’re rare birds on today’s roadways too, but this sinister F12 is about to make the breed even rarer still. Meet the Novitec Rosso N-Largo S, one of just eleven planned to be built.

Ferrari tuner Novitec Rosso will take eleven F12berlinettas and transform them into what you see here—in the process giving them a brutally aggressive widebody look, an extra 39 horsepower, and a new top speed of 217 mph. Squeamish? This car isn’t messing about.


According to Novitec, the “racing look” widebody conversion begins at the GT car’s front end, replacing the standard front bumper and splitter with a more impactful design, which is said to optimize radiator and brake cooling, as well as reduce front lift at high speeds. From there, the carbon fiber diet includes a new hood extractor and pumped-up front fenders with rear-facing air ducts.

Toward the rear, Novitec continues the racy fender treatments, this time adding gill-like slats at the back of the swollen flares. A new trunk lid and window spoiler follow suit at the back, aided by a large carbon fiber wing up top and a new diffuser underneath. The end result, apart from its raucous looks, manifests in a full 2.7 inches added to the width of the F12’s front fenders and an even greater 5.5 inches added to its rear.


Body mods aside, the Novitec Rosso N-Largo S cars receive a variety of performance updates as well. Whereas the standard car boasts 730 horsepower, the N-Largos wield 769 hp (the same as the rarified F12tdf) and an impressive 532 lb.-ft. of torque, courtesy of new fuel injection and ignition tweaks plus a new quad exhaust (either in stainless steel or inconel). That should make for quite the vocal range.

Novitec also drops the Ferrari F12berlinettas on lower sport shocks (a drop of 1.5 inches) and swaps in a set of lovely three-piece forged wheels. A front axle lift system for navigating pesky speed bumps is optional, but we’d gander quite necessary.
The price? If you have to ask, well…

Photo Credit: Novitec Rosso