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Monday, April 18, 2016

Enjoy The Overwhelming Beauty Of Luftgekühlt 3 and Its Many Porsches


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On any given weekend, there’s no shortage of events for automotive enthusiasts to attend in Southern California, informal or otherwise. Luftgekühlt began as the former, and now in its third year, is definitely becoming the latter.

 Between the diversity of the crowd, and diversity of the cars, it’s hard to pin down what exactly the gathering is, which is fitting as its held here in Los Angeles, a city beyond definition.

The third installment of Luftgekühlt, or #luft3 as you’ll find it on Instagram, had a couple of notable changes this year, the most important being the location.

 Holding the event just south of downtown Los Angeles, at mid-century style furniture maker Modernica’s industrial complex, turned out to be exactly the right decision given the increase in attendance. Last year’s venue, the Bandito Brothers complex in Culver City, was great and all, but the space afforded by this years venue was certainly welcome.

With a beer garden, and BBQ from local Mexi-Cali joint Clutch, cameras available to demo from Leica, and a plethora of Porsches on hand, it’s hard to pick a highlight from my day at Luft 3. But if I absolutely had to point to the one thing that made the day unforgettable, it wouldn’t be the food, the toys, or even the auction of the first ever Luftgekühlt custom build 911 that raised $275,000 benefitting the Autumn Leaves Project.

No, it would be the people. People like Patrick Long and Howie Idelson who founded the event purely out of a love for air-cooled Porsches. My friend’s father who wouldn’t let me pay for my own admission (only $10, but it’s the thought that counts), the new friends I made whose cars I’ll soon get to shoot, and the old friend that I hadn’t seen for over a decade who happens to live 10 minutes away. The cars makes it worth coming to Luftgekühlt, but the people are what make it worth staying and that’s a rarity when it comes to gatherings in the automotive world.

Photo Credit: VisualVocab for BoldRide