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Thursday, April 21, 2016

China’s New Self-Driving Electric Sedan is the Latest Tesla Rival


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There’s been plenty of buzz around Faraday Future, America’s so-called “Tesla killer.” But on the other side of the globe, the company backing the yet-to-be proven Faraday Future just built its own self-driving, electric car. At least, a concept of which.
Meet LeSEE, which stands for “Super Electric Ecosystem.” It’s the first creation from China’s LeEco—formerly LeTV, a sort of Chinese Netflix. The concept brings a number of new technologies to the table, including autonomous driving right out of the gate.

Many of the other details are still under wraps until the vehicle makes its official debut at the Beijing Auto Show.


Design-wise, it looks something like a more futuristic Model S, following the whole ‘grille-less’ movement currently occurring in the EV industry. That funky dish on top of the car, we assume, are the sensors for its automated driving system, while inside there are plenty of luxuries for driver and passenger on hand, including movies, music, and entertainment.
But don’t get too excited yet, the LeSEE is just a concept at this point. Even then, Billionaire CEO Jia Yueting is confident that the car will be the Tesla killer the world has been waiting for. Would be interesting to see how much of that shared technology trickles down to Faraday Future, if any at all.