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Friday, April 8, 2016

This ’66 Porsche Barn Find Looks Delightful in Dust


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Say the word “Porsche” and the letters “911” are almost sure to follow. Since its introduction in 1964, the venerable Porsche 911 has built an incredible sporting legacy, and has become the quintessential measuring stick for all rival sports cars—in terms of both performance and looks.

This vibrant red Porsche surely has those classic early-911 lines and its unmistakable presence, except… it’s not a 911. Porsche fans will know this immediately as a 912, and according to its owner, this ’66 Porsche 912 was rescued from a long slumber spent in a Tennessee barn.

Whereas early Porsche 911s fetch stratospheric prices these days, their 912 twins are still comparably affordable. This barn find example is no different, and it recently appeared up for sale online.


So what makes a Porsche 912 different from a 911? It’s what’s in the boot, or more importantly, what isn’t.

The Porsche 912 arrived in 1965 and served as a segue of sorts between the outgoing Porsche 356 and the young 911. As such, it carried a four-cylinder engine (nicked from the 356SC) instead of the 911’s now famous flat-six.

This made it less expensive, more evenly balanced, and more familiar to those who knew and loved the 356. It also helped Porsche’s finances. Initially, the 912 outsold the 911 by a large margin.

Beyond the sports car twins’ engines however, the remainder of the 912’s differences came down to standard trim and equipment. Porsche offered the four-cylinder 912 through 1969, at which point it was replaced with the Porsche 914, before returning for one final year in 1976 as the 912E.


This car—a ’66 912—hails from the early days of production. It’s said to have been purchased from its original Tennessee owner, and after all these years the radio, gauges, and wipers still work, and the numbers-matching engine is said to still run, albeit requiring a full tune-up,

Sure, some will naysay that it’s not a 911 and therefore it’s bound to live in the 911’s shadow forever. But 912 owners know differently, they know it’s a car of its own unique story, and when you’re jetting around in something this stunning… who cares about the naysayers.