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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Watch Matt LeBlanc Thrash an Ariel Nomad, Get Dirty


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Matt LeBlanc. An Ariel Nomad. Do I really need to continue? If you thought the new Top Gear sans Clarkson was going to be one big mess, you might want to check yourself—the latest trailer looks like a bunch of fun.
The new video shows new host and former Friend Matt LeBlanc mucking about in the Ariel Nomad off-roader, with someone following alongside on a dirtbike because why not. That’s the same Ariel Nomad, mind you, with a 235-horsepower engine and no doors. That means he’s bound to get dirty, and he does.

It’s a short clip at just 40 seconds, but definitely an exciting one. The new series debuts next month on BBC. Let’s hope there’s even more Matt LeBlanc nonsense to be had.