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Thursday, April 7, 2016

This Amazing Batmobile Concept Might Make Batman Jealous


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The Batmobile is easily one of the most famous cars on the planet. Sure, it’s not a real car, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t solidified its place in car history. The latest version of the Batmobile in Batman v. Superman was pretty cool, but this concept might have him rethinking his current ride.
These concept sketches of the Batmobile are the work of rendering artist Encho Enchev of Sofia, Bulgaria. His take is definitely more in line with the most recent Tumbler than earlier movie versions, but it looks more realistic, with a hint more aggression.


It has a long, lean design, with huge wheels that look like they could easily drive over anything in its path. That’s something Batman might need to do depending on the situation. It also looks well armored with minimal glass.

You can bet the cockpit has all sorts of digital displays to make sure he can see everything.

There aren’t many visible weapons, only two guns mounted alongside the cockpit. That might be all we can see, but this is the Batmobile; there are gadgets and weapons galore hidden under that body.