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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

‘Project Predator’ Gives the Jaguar F-Type an Extra 100HP


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Few people will drive a Jaguar F-Type R and think to themselves, “hmm, 550 horsepower just isn’t enough.” For those who do want more, Jaguar recently took it up a notch with its 200-mph-breaking and 575 hp ‘SVR’ version. Surely, that’s enough for most palates, but not all. 
For those who need extreme speed, VIP Design London presents this—the menacingly nicknamed ‘Project Predator’—a Jaguar F-Type conversion that offers up a gargantuan 650 horsepower, 100 more than the heady ‘R’. Yikes.

Of course, it doesn’t come cheaply. VIP Design asks £19,434 to install the full kit, or around $28,000 at current rates. That said, it does look pretty sinister.


According to VIP, the source of that power comes courtesy of a few key engine and exhaust modifications. Up front, the F-Type’s 5.0-liter V8 swallows new high-flow air filters, a smaller supercharger pulley for much more boost, and software tuning to make the best use of it all. Out back, a full manifold-back exhaust system replaces the standard pipes.

All in all, the firm says it has dyno-tested the new setup to 650 horsepower and at full chat the coupe will push past the vaunted 200 mph barrier. The added benefit of the high-flow exhaust modifications mean the F-Type now sounds meaner as well—a lofty claim to make given how sensational the standard car sounds.

“The full manifold-back high performance exhaust system is switchable, allowing different purr levels—loud and really loud,” says Paul Busby, VIP Design’s managing director. “You can’t help but grin every time you press the button.”


Additionally, VIP Design gave the Jaguar a visual makeover as well. The sleek coupe now sits about an inch lower, hulking over a set of stunning gold alloy wheels, and featuring firmer suspension bushings. The threatening look is furthered with new aerodynamic splitters front and rear too, plus new hood vents and a carbon fiber rear diffuser. Prepare for blastoff.

The only question is, how much horsepower is too much?