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Friday, April 15, 2016

Koenigsegg Has Plans to Break the Nurburgring Lap Record


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When you have a 1,341-horsepower vehicle like the Agera One:1 on hand, it seems like the only logical place you should take it would be the famed Nurburgring. But since the track restricted speed limits a few months ago, Koenigsegg hasn’t been able to take its monster megacar anywhere near the Green Hell…until now.
In a recent blog post, Koenigsegg assured the world that a Nurburgring lap record was coming, thanks to officials’ lifting of restricted speed limits. Though, maybe not as soon as everyone was hoping.


“A Nurburgring record doesn’t just happen,” said Koenigsegg’s Steven Wade. “In a piece expressing our disappointment with developments last year, I glibly wrote ‘We only need about 7 minutes of their time and we will do our best to not use all of it.’

The truth is it takes a lot more than 7 minutes to achieve a good lap at this track. We were ready to go when that piece was written last year. This year, we’re starting over again and it takes months of planning and preparation.”
Part of that preparation being the involvement of a driver that knows the track like the back of his (or her) hand. Not to mention the general setup of the car, attempting to beat the Porsche 918’s 6:57.00 record.

But it’s all just semantics at this point. The bottom line is: Koenigsegg will be taking to the Nurburgring, hopefully sooner than later.