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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Lexus LF-LA Concept Turns the Insanity Up to Eleven


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Lexus has a newfound reputation for being…edgy. Maybe too edgy for some. But that edgy persona is exactly what the brand was hoping to achieve when it set out to shed its beige and boring personality of yore. Designers went all out in creating some of the more eye-popping Lexus vehicles ever imagined.

The LFA kicked things off in 2010, while the IS, RC, and GS followed and continue to follow suit with the spindle grille and sharp angles. Not one to break tradition, designer Yang Sun out of Pasadena, California, created a concept car that Lexus designers would only dream of.


He calls it the LF-LA, a sort of spiritual successor to the LFA. Unlike the LFA, though, the LF-LA gets significantly more aggressive, and notches the Lexus design language up to 11 with an extra spindle-y grille, a swooping rear three-quarter, and some sharp wheels to match.
Believe it or not, one of the main inspirations for this concept was a seashell. The spiral design and unique creases are noticeable throughout the vehicle, stemming from a seashell-shaped cockpit and a textured front grille.

The final product meshes Lexus’ signature design cues with a more modern, but not-so-natural personality. All said and done, the LF-LA is a very aggressive look at the future of  Lexus.