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Monday, October 6, 2014

New Ariel Atom Commercial Will Make You All Warm and Fuzzy


      Ariel Atom

      The Ariel Atom 3 by TMI Auto Tech is an incredible looking car. It looks like it shouldn’t be legal and depending on where you live, it actually isn’t legal to take this thing out on the street.

      That doesn’t make the car any less beautiful, though. They’ve given us all this commercial to drool over to show us just what an amazing experience it is to drive this as the sun comes up on a summer day. This car has no roof and no doors so its just you, the car, and the open air.

      Ariel Atom 3

      You can get yourself an Ariel Atom 3 for $56,480 with standard equipment including a 233-horsepower, 2.4-liter engine by Honda, but there are options galore that will quickly see that price creep higher. Brake packages, suspension updgrades, a little carbon fiber, plus a slew of tire and track options can bump that price by the tens of thousands.

      If that sounds a little steep for your wallet, there is another way to get behind the wheel of the Ariel Atom 3. Just head to the Virginia International Raceway where you can pay as little as $525 and experience the car on the track.

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