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Friday, November 28, 2014

$1.5 Million Lamborghini Goes Up in Flames Over Spark Plugs




A multi-million dollar 1971 Lamborghini Miura SV going up in flames is not a sight you might see everyday, especially considering only a scant 70 SV’s were produced that year. But that’s exactly what happened last year when British real estate tycoon Jon Hunt had his 1971 Lamborghini supercar burn up on the streets of London.

Now, according to The Telegraph, it appears Hunt is back, but instead of a $1.5 million dollar classic car in tow, he’s wielding a hefty lawsuit against the garage that serviced his Miura, Lamborghini London.

In a document submitted to London’s High Court, Hunt attests that he brought the rare Miura to the shop for an inspection and for a service. Months later, his son returned to pick up the vehicle but got no farther than a mile from the shop when it ground to a halt. Hunt claims that mechanics at the shop fitted incorrect spark plugs, which inevitably caused the SV to combust.


“The spark plugs fitted worked at too high a temperature and created the risk of fire,” the claim reads. “The fire was caused by the ignition of fuel. Such ignition could not have take place unless the fuel system was not intact or the spark plugs were not properly adjusted or fitted.”

An alternative scenario suggests the fire could have been the result of poor engine timing or carburetor adjustment following the service as well. Either way, Lamborghini London – held by H.R Owen Dealerships Ltd. – could pay out to the tune of £700,000 ($1.1 million) for the ruined exotic as well as additional damages for storage and “loss of enjoyment” of the vehicle. Sadly, there’s really no happy ending to this story.