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Friday, November 21, 2014

Chevy Chaparral X2 Concept Races to 240MPH…In Virtual World


    Chevrolet Chaparral X2 concept Photo

    Throughout the ’60s, the Chevrolet and Chaparral team dominated the world of IndyCar, SCCA and Trans-Am racing. Today, that partnership is nothing but history. Still, Chevy wanted to honor its forgotten racing partner by bringing it back from the grave.

    The Chaparral X2 Vision Gran Turismo concept is one of the most radical racing concepts you’ll ever see. It’s not real, obviously, but was designed for the virtual world of Gran Turismo 6 as an exercise in aerodynamics and technology.

     The show mode — currently on display at the LA Auto Show — was created at GM’s North Hollywood Advanced Design Center.

    Chevrolet Chapparal Concept Pictures

    It produces a hypothetical 900 horsepower — but not in any way you would expect. A 671-kilowatt laser is propelled by lithium-ion batteries and an air-powered generator. Top speed is a measly 240 mph and 0-60 mph time is 1.5 seconds. In the virtual world, obviously.

    You’ll never be able to drive this thing on the track— unless you play GT6. But if you’re around the LA Auto Show, you can gawk over this eye-catching racer in person.