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Friday, November 21, 2014

This Red DeLorean DMC-12 is a Barn Find Beauty



Few cars captivate quite like the DeLorean. While it was far from the perfect sports car, John DeLorean’s ever-stylish DMC-12 has enjoyed a lifetime of pop culture appeal – no doubt thanks to Marty McFly – making the prospect of snapping up an all-original, low-mileage survivor quite the task.

But where there’s a will, the Internet seems to find a way. The guys at Silodrome found this potentially super-rare DMC-12 barn find on eBay (see link at bottom); rare not just because it might be the cleanest barn find DeLorean ever, but because – as you’ve surely noticed – it’s red.


And according to the seller, it’s been that way since new. The car, recently acquired from its original owner, was purchased new in 1982 when the owner and his young daughter went to window-shop the edgy new sports cars. She loved its red color. He ended up coming home with the car.

There are a number of theories as to how this and other DeLoreans reportedly came from the factory wearing red, with the leading proposition involving a limited-run test paint at DuPont. The current seller has no reason to believe this to be one of those few, so for now its shade remains a mystery.


The original owner then drove the car for approximately 770 miles, at which point he garaged it because it hurt his knees too much to drive. The DeLorean donned a car cover, was draped in another tarp, and would spend the next 31 years in hibernation.

This past summer, the owner decided to pass the car on to its current owner – a close friend – and with a mere 981 miles on the clock, it can now be yours. Upon buying the car, the seller gave it a thorough run-through to replace only necessary items to make it a runner and a driver.
 He mentions rebuilding the fuel system, replacing tie rods, changing the oil, replacing the ignition wires, rebuilding the brakes (which had locked), balancing the original tires, and slotting in a new battery.


It comes with its original dealership window documents, California smog paper, consumer information booklet, owner’s manual, and original registration. If there weren’t pictures proving that this immaculate DeLorean came out of a barn – we simply wouldn’t believe it.