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Sunday, November 30, 2014

UK Sells Most Expensive License Plate Ever



Have you ever had to pay for a new license plate? It’s usually around a few hundred dollars depending on what state you live in. Even the personalized license plates are about a hundred dollars. That though is definitely not the case across the pond in merry old England where someone just spent $813,622 for a plate.

The plate in question, 25 0, is set to go onto the back of a 1964 Ferrari 250 SWB that was once owned by Eric Clapton. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of the UK selling license plates for staggering amounts of money. It is, however, the most expensive set in history. Considering the owner also purchased “250 L” for another Ferrari they own, the total came to a staggering $1,018,315.

Ferrari 250

Both Ferraris are worth amazing amounts of money all by themselves. Now. however, if the next buyer is in the UK, the pair are worth a considerable amount of money more than they would have been.

It does get you thinking about the total purchase price though. For $1,018,315, you’d think they’d round up to an even hundred of something?