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Friday, November 7, 2014

Porsche Panamera Exclusive Will Set You Back




Panamera Exclusive track photo

For the head of state, wealthy entrepreneur, or evil villain looking for a dash of exclusivity with a look of relative anonymity, may we present to you Porsche’s latest high-horsepower offering: the Panamera Exclusive Series.

Like the already ritzy Panamera Turbo S Executive line that it’s based upon, the Panamera Exclusive boasts 570 horsepower, all-wheel-drive, and all the latest Porsche gadgetry, plus a low-low production run of only 100 vehicles. You can see it in full when it unveils at the 2014 Los Angeles Motor Show.

Panamera Exclusive exterior photo

The Panamera Exclusive starts off its list of features with a lengthened wheelbase over its lower spec siblings, which denotes increased rear legroom, a noteworthy addition for those looking to be driven rather than drive.

While you’re back there, you can take in the Panamera Exclusive’s all-new Rear Seat Entertainment System Plus, which includes two high-resolution 10.1-inch touchscreens, built-in cameras, DVD players, mobile Internet access, and a Burmester sound system.

Panamera Exclusive interior picture

The posh Porsche boasts a sea of chestnut and black leather upholstery, reportedly hand-picked by Porsche designers for this application, as well as custom interior trim elements that you won’t find on other models. 

On the outside, the Panamera dresses in a two-tone black and chestnut paint job – a first for Porsche – matched by its similarly exclusive 20-inch black Sport Classic wheels and hand-made badges.

Still not sold? Buyers will even receive a custom-made luggage set, though regrettably you have to pay extra for a Porsche badge on those.

Panamera Exclusive luggage photo

Alas, all those bits and bobs come at a steep price – $263,900, which by any analysis is a lot of money. But for the person who can’t drive what the Jones do…we found your car.