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Monday, November 10, 2014

How to Make a Ferrari California T More Stunning




    How do you make a Ferrari California T even more beautiful? Think wind tunnel and paint – lots of stunning paint. That’s what artist Fabian Oefner did at the request of Ferrari. The results are simply an awe-inspiring work of art that elevates the allure of the California T by tenfold.

    Oefner, who is a combination scientist/artist/photographer moved beyond the standard slap some paint on a car exercise. Instead, he went to Maranello and saw Ferraris being built and righteously thought, “What if I painted this in a wind tunnel?”

    From great minds spring great works of art. As enthused, “A custom-built pipe system delivered gallons of colored UV paint while a black California T sat in the middle of the wind tunnel, posing just so as multi-colored streaks lit up the darkened ‘studio’ under massive UV lights.”

     Watch the videos below to see how stunning it is as paint is applied at more than 150 mph in the wind tunnel.


    Watch the videos below to see his approach and the final results.