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Friday, November 7, 2014

New 600HP Supercar Hitting the Roads in 2015




Exotic Rides W70

Florida-based Exotic Rides, a company known for producing custom bikes and cars, is set to launch its very own supercar as soon as next year. The W70 will boast 600 horsepower in what they intend to be a daily driver, not just a car for sunny weekend drives.

It will be powered by a LS7 7.0-liter V8 that will send that 600 horsepower to the rear wheels, with the goal of avoiding the overheating problems often associated with high horsepower engines. If that 600 still isn’t enough, a turbocharged version will likely be available with as much as 800 horsepower.

Exotic Rides W70

Australian automotive designer David Williams is responsible for the W70′s very Ferrari-influenced looks that will have no one doubting that this is indeed a supercar. The similarities are so noticeable, so there’s a good chance the casual observer will mistake this for a Ferrari when you see it drive down the street.

As for exactly when this vehicle will launch, there’s nothing more than a promise that it will be coming sometime next year. You can, however, order it right now and be sure that you’re one of the first to own one when it hits the streets in 2015.

Exotic Rides W70