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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Watch Ken Box on his Crazy Cart Spoof Gymkhana


    Ken Box Gymkhana

    Everyone knows Ken Block for his famed Gymkhana videos that have him drifting through impossibly narrow gaps and doing donuts around everything in sight. But are you familiar with Ken Box? This guy knows how to drive a Crazy Kart as he proves in this video shot in the style of all those amazing Block videos.

    Let’s start with the very impressive numbers. The Crazy Cart boasts 24 volts and 200 watts of raw power and it’ll do 0-12 in just 6.9 seconds. Ken Block only wishes he had a beast like this at his command.

    Ken Box Gymkhana photo

    Piloted by Ken Box (aka Ali Kermani), this particular Crazy Cart has been kitted out with some Ken Block-ish enhancements. They consists of a cardboard box that sits around the frame and makes it look like Block’s car. Pay attention, because there have been a few tongue-in-cheek changes to the image on the box.

    The Hoonigan license plate has been replaced with one that reads Hooisken and the sponsor isn’t Monster Energy but Mister Energy. Sure, it’s not quite as death-defying as what Block seems to pull off on a daily basis, but when was he ever chased down by a gorilla?