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Saturday, November 8, 2014

November 6: James Packard drives the first Packard on this date in 1899


By  @ Motoramic

Disappointed with the performance of his Winston, engineer James Ward Packard wrote to the Cleveland firm in 1898 with a set of complaints and suggestions. When Alexander Winton rebuffed those ideas and told Packard to build his own car instead, he did — and on this date in 1899, the first Packard Model A rolled through the streets of Warren, Ohio.
Packard would use his skills to launch the Packard name as an American builder of luxury cars every bit the equal to Britain's Rolls-Royce, and survived in the shadow of Detroit's automakers until the 1950s. Packard's name wasn't built on opulent luxury alone; when you turn the steering wheel in your car today, you can thank James Packard for coming up with the idea: