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Sunday, November 23, 2014

5 Flaws of the Stunning Lexus LF-C2 Concept


Here’s something to consider about the Lexus LF-C2 concept that was introduced at the LA Auto Show Show. It’s a stunner but it’s unlikely Lexus will ever build it because of five significant flaws.
The first flaw is Lexus and its parent company don’t even like convertibles all that much. The one it does build – the IS – is lamentably mundane with little going for it, except the top comes down in nice weather.

Lexus LF CS concept grill photo

The second flaw is it’s got no freaking top. Open-air motoring just don’t cut it no matter where you live in sustainable production numbers.

Third flaw is its front fascia. Sure, this is just a future design exercise to show where the Lexus brand is heading. But with that cow-catcher grill it looks like it’s heading for a train wreck.

Lexus LF C2 dashboard photo

The fourth flaw would be those wheels. They’re like Frank Gehry in his Guggenheim phase meets Gaudi. Possibly they look better in the flesh but the pictures don’t make them appealing.

The fifth and final flaw (at least worth writing about) would be the dashboard. The ‘80s called. It wants its design back. It just screams “Tron” to me.

Lexus LF C2 interior photo

OK, I get it. This is just a design exercise and it was introduced in Los Angeles, the mecca of flashiness for the auto industry. I’m just left with the impression that this whole design feels forced.
After all, the Lexus RC-F is a beautiful car rightly accumulating kudos. The LF-C2 seems destined for irrelevance.