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Friday, November 7, 2014

Koenigsegg Concept Dials Up the Rage




Koenigsegg Pictures

When Koenigsegg delved into the supercar scene with its CC8S in 2002, the Swedish automaker heralded the design virtues of clean, efficient, and elegant styling – resulting in a car with simple lines and a terrifying turn of speed.

Over the years, those lines have subtly evolved, shifted, and reformed to become today’s barnstorming Agera hypercar. But what of an all-new design language for a Koenigsegg of the future? Graphic artist Maher Thebian has the answer.

Koenigsegg Supercar

Thebian calls his creation the Koenigsegg ‘RAGE’ Concept, and just after giving it a quick once over, it still looks identifiably like a Koenigsegg. At the front, the RAGE nose and spoiler resemble an evolution of the current Agera.

 Follow those lines back, and the rakishly sloped windshield and louvered roof look like a clean snip from the CCXR. And at the back, Maher keeps the breed consistent with a center-routed single exhaust.

Thebian hasn’t however noted his prospective engine of choice, but if the RAGE’s powerplant continues on track with its Koenigsegg design language…you can bet there’s a big supercharged V8 somewhere underneath those haunches.

Koenigsegg Images

Sure, it’s just a concept. It probably won’t get built. But crucially it doesn’t try to adopt the shapes of today’s Porsche, McLaren, and Ferrari hypercar royalty. It isn’t a drastic tangent in supercar design, but it remains an outright shape we haven’t seen before and one we’d like to see in reality very soon.