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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

This Has to be the Worst eBay Barn Find in History


mercedes barn find photo

When people use the words “barn find” to describe a car they’ve found, it usually means two things: (a) it’s a sought-after auto in non-running yet admirable condition, or (b) it’s a car that should’ve been crushed by said barn.This for-sale listing is clearly the latter of those two and it begs the question, “Is this the worst car that’s ever been posted to eBay?” Voice your opinion below.

mercedes barn find interior photo

The barn find listing hails from Gateshead, located in the United Kingdom, and includes snapshots of one seriously unsavory Mercedes. Here’s how the seller puts it:

“freshly found this morning a mercedes benz not sure which model we have proof of ownership, car has never moved for 20 years currently covered in pigeon gauno. sold as non running project but was aparently working when parked up.”

mercedes barn find engine photo

Freshly found indeed. Going off the photos, we can deduce that this was a Mercedes-Benz 200 (W123) before it became a pile of pigeon poo. Though now we’re not sure if even the most diehard of MB aficionados would touch this with at 10-foot pole.
The interior surprisingly doesn’t look that bad however, barring of course the shards of glass and drips of feces. Everything looks to be all there. The broken rear window might be a bit drafty though. Up front, there’s a good two inches of bird dirt covering the wiper cowl. But who isn’t up for a little fixer-upper?

photo of mercedes barn find interior

Unbelievably, 18 people bid on this pile of pigeon doo and it ended up selling for £264, (around $340). Sure, there’s some scrap value to this barn find and perhaps even a few parts worth picking, but is the mountain of excrement worth wading through to get it?

That would be a “No.” Run away. Run far, far away from these poo-spewing foul fowls.