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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Journalist Flips BMW i8 During Test Drive


BMW i8 Flipped

We’ve all had bad days at work. The boss is a jerk, coworkers drive you nuts, and that damn printer never works. All of that pales in comparison to the bad day one auto journalist had when he managed to flip a BMW i8 onto its roof.

The crash happened in Mexico near the capital of Mexico City and according to CarScoops, this was a media test drive that went horribly wrong. These pictures captured by WreckedExotics show the damaged car on its roof in the middle of the road.

BMW i8 Wreck

The fence running alongside the road now sports a gaping hole and is partly under the car. It looks like he ran off into the fence and flipped when he tried to recover, taking a little of the fence along with him for good measure.

The car looks to be in rough shape and probably won’t be taking any other journalists for a ride anytime soon. As for the driver, we see some event staff on hand but no emergency responders, to it seems he or she emerged without major injury. Still, flipping a $160,000 hybrid sports car is going to make for one very bad day for whoever was behind the wheel.

BMW i8 Wrecked