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Sunday, July 5, 2015

TVR is Back With Four New Models For 2017


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TVR has announced plans to start making cars again and is ready to take your money. The new car won’t be going on sale until 2017, but they’ll be taking deposits by the end of the month.

 This is earlier than they had originally planned due to a very positive reaction from the public. How much will it cost to secure your new TVR? You’ll need about $7,700 to make sure that one of whatever it is they end up building ends up in your driveway in a few years.

According to Autocar, TVR says hundreds of people have already inquired about making a deposit for this new car. Production runs are expected to be very limited at the start, so you might want to start searching the couch cushions for spare change right now.

TVR Profile

The new TVR was designed by Gordon Murray and will be powered by a Cosworth V8 engine. It’s the start of a 10-year plan to re-establish the brand after it ceased production nine years ago. Output of 1,000 to 1,500, the numbers TVR hit at its peak, are possible in the future, but for 2017 there will be only a few hundred units produced.

The four cars debuting in 2017 will be two models, each offered as a coupe and convertible. They will be similar to the Tuscan and Sagaris in dimension but with none of the components in those older cars. All of them will have a front mid-engined layout, six-speed manual transmissions, and rear-wheel drive.