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Thursday, February 11, 2016

BAC Wants to Make a More Practical, Yet Still Bonkers Three-Seat Supercar



This is a BAC Mono. It’s a supercar by any stretch of the imagination. But what separates the Mono from the current crop of supercars is its single-seat, open-top layout. Somewhat impractical, slated mostly for track use, BAC wants to expand its lineup and its reach.
The report of a three-seat vehicle in the BAC lineup comes by way of Autocar, which we take with a grain of salt. Citing founder and CEO Neil Briggs, the BAC will get a new sibling, likely with three seats, and a more road-worthy set of aesthetics. Though, we don’t doubt it will still be a track monster similar to its sibling.


The general layout of the new vehicle will remain very much in line with BAC’s overall ideals. Lightweight, high performance, and advanced design are just a few key terms to remember. Not to mention a “formula car” type of suspension to ensure its track-focused persona remains in tact.
So far, BAC hasn’t nailed down exactly which route it’s going to go, saying, “Nothing’s decided, but I don’t believe we’d do a two-seater. That’s other people’s territory.” Hopefully execs figure out sooner than later which path they’re going to take with the new supercar—we can’t wait to see it on the road.