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Monday, February 22, 2016

Watch New Ford Technology Outsmart Potholes


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Ford Fusion Pothole Screenshot

One of the perils of winter driving is the number of potholes that litter the road. Sometimes you see them and can steer around them, but sometimes you have no choice other than driving straight over. Ford is introducing new pothole mitigation technology to make potholes easier on you and your car.

The system involves new computer-controlled shock absorbers that make their debut on the 2017 Ford Fusion V6 Sport. It works with the continuously controlled damping system to monitor vehicle inputs every two milliseconds through 12 different sensors.

Ford Fusion Pothole Screenshot 2
The system is so fast, it can register a pothole in the road and react before the tires roll over the hole. Once a pothole is detected, the system sends signals to the shock absorbers to keep the wheels from falling all the way into the pothole.

This makes that unavoidable pothole much easier on your car and much easier on passengers who don’t feel the ususal jolt as the tire hits the other side of the hole. The Ford Fusion Sport is the first mid-size sedan to offer this technology, which hopefully will roll out to more cars over time.