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Monday, February 29, 2016

This BMW X6 Got Cranked Up to 650HP


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Most people would look at the products of BMW’s M division and think, “you know, I don’t need any more horsepower than that.” The figures are typically immense. But tuning companies don’t modify cars for “most people,” and that’s pretty apparent from AC Schnitzer’s latest creation. 
Meet the AC Schnitzer BMW X6 FALCON.
The German tuning company plies its trade on the X6 sports activity coupe, treating it to a mean body kit, sonorous exhaust pipes, and oh yeah…a 650-horsepower falcon punch of power. Sure, this bird may be flightless, but just barely.


That heroic power output is achieved through engine tuning on the top-of-the-pile BMW X6 M, an increase of around 75 horses.

Seeing as not everyone has $100,000 to spend on an M-badge X6, the company says it can also tune-up lesser models, such as the 300 horsepower X6 xDrive35i (now 360hp) and the European-spec X6 xDrive30d (from 258 hp to 309 hp). Acceleration and top speed figures have gone unmentioned, but something tells us they haven’t gone down.

AC Schnitzer’s modifications hone in on the X6’s exhaust as well, providing multiple levels of silencing and a version tailored to make your X6 diesel sound less diesel-y. The performance mods complement the SUV’s new beefy look, courtesy of a 10-piece widebody kit, which pumps out an extra two inches in the front and 3.5 inches in the rear. It sits lower too, about an inch at both ends, and on new rolling stock—AC1 alloy wheels.


As with all of AC Schnitzer’s gear, you can modify what you want, and ditch what you don’t. For more, check out the X6 FALCON when it debuts on the Geneva Motor Show floor this week.