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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Hemi Cuda Convertible Sells For an Insane $3.5 Million


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The classic American muscle car market has gotten a little out of control. Watch any Barrett-Jackson auction on TV and you can see the frenzy, not to mention the wealthy Texas oil magnates. The latter and other folks with more money than sense have been known to drive up the price of classics. Though we’re not sure that would explain a Hemi Cuda selling for $3.5 million.
Over the weekend, Mecum held one of its well-known auctions in Seattle. Among the cars sold was a very rare piece of Mopar Muscle, but is it worth the princely sum? In 1971, Plymouth sold 16,159 ‘Cudas, but only 108 coupes and 11 convertibles came equipped with the big, bad 426 Hemi engine. The 426 made an impressive 425 horsepower, sucking air in through the iconic Shaker hood.

Of all the ‘Cudas built in ’71, and the less of them that were drop-tops, and the even less of those convertibles to come with a Hemi, this is the only one known have a four-speed manual still in existence. And despite how much we gripe about how some buyers make the market too expensive for everyone else, there is no disputing that this vehicle is worth millions. Is $3.5 million too much? You let us in the comments below.